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Home Cookin

Home Cookin is a recipe database, grocery manager, and meal planning calendar
Home Cookin v9.7
03 Dec 2020
Home Cookin v6.4
9 Apr 2010
Editorial review
Home Cookin v5.9
26 Jul 2009
Home Cookin v5.8
6 Dec 2008
Home Cookin v5.6
3 May 2008
Home Cookin v5.5
27 Dec 2008

What's new

v6.4 [9 Apr 2010]
Version 6.46 - Jun 22, 2010
•Screen font now defaults to "Microsoft Sans Serif" for improved compatibility. "MS Sans Serif" or "Arial" are used as alternates if the default is unavailable before letting Windows make the substitution.
•Added option on Options screen to let user select the display font and size, with button to revert to the default font and size.
•Ingredient formatting now affects the first measure only. This fixes problems with recipes that have "1 cup tea" or "1 can (8 oz) tomato sauce).
•Added an option to disable the automatic formatting of recipe ingredients.
•Fixed formatting errors in PDF cookbook generation.
•Reduced PDF index to two columns to allow for larger fonts and reduced text wrapping.
•Added photo support to PDF cookbooks, with an optional outline.
•Increased maximum pages in PDF cookbooks to 2000, with warning for documents exceeding 400 pages.
•Added "iPhone Grocery Gadget" format to grocery list exporting. The resulting CSV can be uploaded to the web portal for the iPhone Grocery Gadget app.
Version 6.47 - In Development...
Fixed problems with long filenames in file selector.
Added support for external minimize commands (such as clicking the program button in Windows 7 taskbar).
New object oriented user interface.

v5.6 [3 May 2008]
PDF exporting, improved duplicate locator, added grocery exporting, printing enhancements, miscellaneous fixes and enhancements

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